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Karrie's Pole Fitness and the barrier for Hayley to do exercise

Hayley started pole dancing in November 2015, she attends 2-3 sessions a week and always trains once a week at home. Hayley first heard about Karrie's Pole Fitness on Facebook and was really interested about the sessions, but the barriers which first got in the way for Hayley was that she didn't know what other people would think if she joined. Other barriers would also get in the way of doing exercise, such as work, family, preparing the meals, illness and holidays. Barriers like these stop people from wanting to do exercise and sign up to clubs.

How pole fitness has helped Hayley

Since Hayley has joined Karrie's Pole Fitness, she is now a healthy weight, she feels a lot more confident in herself and with her body, happier, and a lot stronger as a person as well as physically. Pole fitness has giver Hayley something to do, something to go out and achieve. Before Karrie's Pole Fitness Hayley would sit at home easting rubbish and watching Netflix, now she does pole fitness 4 times a week and loves it!

Hayley has had one incident at Pole Fitness which did knock her confidence, but having the support off the other members at the sessions and instructor Karrie herself, she was soon mastering the move and was able to move on to more specific moves.

Hayley's Advice

Here is what Hayley says for people who are wanting to get active. "If they are wanting to do something, make sure they enjoy it. There's no point it running, for instance, if you don't enjoy what you're doing. Also to find somebody to do the activity with because it makes it so much more fun and you're more likely to stick at it."