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Ripley Girls Can visit the #Warriors Den

#Warriors invited Ripley Girls Can to attend their Glitter Party on Friday, 1 September 2017. We accepted the kind invitation and went along full of expectation, and we were not disappointed.

The warriors assemble at their Den at the Genesis Centre, in Alfreton. On arrival, we were greeted with friendly smiles and we explained we hadn't been before. We were made to feel welcome and of course had a form to fill out.

The warriors were all sat around the room chatting with each other, the atmosphere was friendly, lots of conversation, laughter and glitter. We had our faces decorated and then we all made our way to the dance floor. The room was dark with lots of disco lighting, and images projected onto the walls – more like a nightclub than a dance studio.

We experienced a number of classes, including Zumba, Blockfit, Zelda, and Bokwa, all in short junks with lots of breaks to get some water and our breaths back. As we looked round the room, we saw women of all shapes and sizes, all working to their own ability, and all enjoying themselves. It was very noisy, the women were joining in with the chants and shouting, a way for women to throw away the shackles, and develop self-confidence.

The instructors teach from a stage, making it much easier to see what they are doing. Dominique, who is the founder of warriors, is a real entertainer and motivator. There were other instructors on the stage to follow, while she spent time encouraging everyone, smiling at us, and of course making sure, we all worked up a sweat.

We couldn't do all the moves, at times we were completely out of time, but I never felt like it mattered. The moves were simple, and it felt like if you went a couple of times you'd soon be up to speed.

Towards the end of the Glitter Party, we took part in a warrior challenge. We were split into two groups, faced each other, and began. This was all about encouraging us to be confident and strong.

We also enjoyed a buffet and took part in the raffle, which we unfortunately didn't win.

The ethos of warriors is equality, making friends, being active in the community as well as getting fit and becoming healthier. If you'd like to know more contact Dominique Parlett, like them on Facebook Warriors Thermo Vibe, or phone 07510 602544.