Vickie Maris - Rykneld Homes

Vickie keeps healthy using a variety of activities, often inspired in the workplace.

Vickie Maris, 28, from Chesterfield is a planning Officer at Rykneld Homes, Wingerworth.

Below she outlines how the Workplace Challenge has become a focal point in the activity of her and her work colleagues.

Taking up the challenge

"We have got a health and wellbeing champion here who set us up on the Workplace Challenge and it's something we use on and off during the year, but particularly when there are active challenges such as the walking one on May and the cycling one throughout August.

"Most of us take part in our own separate activities, but we do have a circuit session that we host on-site at Pioneer House in Wingerworth.

"We also have regular Walking Wednesday sessions when we walk a couple of miles."

Paintballing with the team.

Encouraged by the management

"We are always encouraged by the management and that's a nice environment to be in and great that they let us use the office facilities for some of the sessions.

"I do whatever I fancy at the time, whether that is walking, cycling, going to the gym or running, it depends on what the weather is doing.

"I have always been into exercise, but there are some people at the office who have got more active as a result of the challenge. Quite a few are logging their points when they go to work and that might only be a mile there and back, but it makes a difference.

"As you start to get your points, you can see how you are doing against previous months and also against other people in the office.

"That is quite a good motivation if you see someone go above you because it drives you on to do more yourself. It can get quite competitive, but it makes you more likely to do it!

Vickie tackling an assault course.

Setting targets

"I find it useful to run alongside Map My Fitness, which is good for nutritional detail, but doesn't have some of the features that the Workplace Challenge does.

"On the Workplace Challenge you can set yourself targets such as on mine where I'm trying to walk 3,000 miles in a year. You can also see how you are getting on in terms of reaching your 150 minutes of exercise that you should be getting as an adult every week.

"I'm taking that on and I'm keen to get as many people as I can involved in the September Workplace Challenge.

"As someone who comes in at eight in the morning and works until four I might only get out of my chair a few times to go to the loo or get some water, so we're looking at how we can tackle that.

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