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Our Values and Behaviours

Active Derbyshire understands the importance of teamwork.

A shared philosophy

The Active Derbyshire team operates using a shared and agreed set of values and behaviours.

1) Making a Difference

We aim to make a difference in participation and performance across the county. We add value by providing a targeted approach, influencing relationships to drive delivery, strengthening systems and championing and embedding what works well.

Value Behaviours

  • We understand people and what impacts on them. We understand the sporting landscape, our market and where we can make a difference.
  • We aim to be flexible within a changing environment.
  • We challenge if we're not making enough of a difference.
  • We demonstrate we are making a difference, both internally and externally.
  • Whatever we do we must be practical, useable and sustainable.

2) Innovation

We aspire to create an innovative environment by making new relationships, thinking creatively, trying new things and allocating time to do this work.

Value Behaviours

  • We look to make new relationships with other partners.
  • We continuously seek best practice.
  • We create an innovative environment where we are not afraid to take risks and do things differently.

3) Teamwork

We understand the importance of working together to support each other and share ideas. We take collective responsibility and learn from each other across the core team and wider partnership.

Value Behaviours

  • We will commit to contributing towards the work of the wider team
  • Trust, value and support each other professionally and personally
  • We understand the importance of working together to achieve our vision.
  • We share knowledge, ideas, expertise & responsibility and learn from each other's knowledge and experience

4) Fairness

We adopt a fair approach in all of our work. We are fair to our partners, programmes, organisations and ourselves. We are equitable and open-minded and encourage others to think and deliver in the same way.

Value Behaviours

  • We consider impact for all groups across all projects and programmes including marketing and core services.
  • We listen and understand.
  • We challenge where appropriate.
  • We are respectful to both individuals and organisations.
  • We adopt open, transparent and accountable decision making processes.

5) Excellence

We are ambitious and aim to be outstanding in everything we do.

Value Behaviours

  • We strive to be the best we can be, both individually and as a team.
  • We are determined, committed and consistent in our approach.
  • We give time to reflect and listen to feedback.

6) Leadership

We are strategic experts across sport and physical activity. We inspire and motivate others and use great leadership to communicate and influence the delivery of sport in Derbyshire.

Value Behaviours

  • We take personal responsibility to step forward and lead.
  • We listen and understand, make confident decisions and effectively communicate to deliver our agreed plans.
  • We keep learning from the latest research and other great leaders.