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Time to Play

Floor time.

It's never too early to get active!

Physical activity should be encouraged from birth, and the time a child spends restrained in a car seat, pushchair, high chair or bouncer seat should be kept to a minimum.

It is recommended that children who are able to walk should be active for at least 180 minutes (three hours) every day - so why not switch off the TV and have some fun - dance, run, walk, crawl, roll, jump and get moving!

Inside or out, no equipment is needed, just a little imagination. Within this section you will find lots of ideas, hints and tips as well as links to a range of other resources.

Active for life

Outdoor time.

Being physically active is important for young children because it helps them build and maintain a good level of health.

Research has shown it helps them develop movement skills, a strong heart, muscles and bones, keep to a healthy weight and learn social skills.

Other benefits include:

  • Developing good posture, strength and balance
  • Developing their senses
  • Teaching them about their bodies and the world around them
  • Teaching them to interact with others and learning communication skills

Physical activity in the early years can also encourage children to stay active as they get older, creating good habits.

Active at every age

Get more advice, hints and tips specific to your child's age:

Change4Life - Get going

Not sure where to start? The NHS Change4Life website has loads of hints and tips on its website, including an example of a kids' weekly activity planner and how to create your own; a fun generator with more than 100 great kids' games for indoors and out; and 10-minute Shake-ups with Disney-inspired games to help get children active.