Towards an Active Derbyshire - Thank You

Thanking those who are helping to make physical activity the norm

We want to say 'thank you' to the amazing organisations, clubs, facilities, volunteers, people and places across Derbyshire which are helping to make physical activity the norm – and we need your help.

We're doing things differently in 2021. Given the extraordinary circumstances we're in, we won't be running an Awards programme for 2021. Instead we want to say 'thank you' to all the people, groups, clubs and organisations who have helped to make physical activity the norm over the past four years.

From 10-21 May we'll be highlighting the people, groups, clubs and organisations who are using physical activity and sport to make a real difference in their communities and to the lives of others. In the 2 week long campaign we'll be highlighting their work and how important and powerful physical activity can be.

Stories from our community

Ben Horton (BH Fitness)

As part of the #ThankYou campaign, we received a submission to thank Ben Horton - here's what they had to say:

"I joined BH Fitness at the start of the lockdown in March 2020, I can honestly say it is the best thing I have done. Ben puts on 60 live classes onto his website per month, you can do them live or on catch up, the classes vary from HITT to stretch and flex, which are put out at various times of day. Ben and team are very enthusiastic, encouraging, motivating and above anything else they brighten up the day. Ben also has an online running group, which is brilliant, everyone encourages each other, and you can guarantee Ben will always add a message of encouragement to all our shared activities, it doesn't matter if it is a 7 minute mile or a 14 minute mile, Ben gives us all the same great level of encouragement and praise. He sets challenges for us to take part in

.Once a month Ben sounds out a recipe book, which is another highlight.Last year was a bad year personally for me, and to be honest Ben got me through it without even knowing that he did. Just knowing that he would be there putting on the HITT the deck beginner class on a Monday morning encouraged me up and out of bed, because it is a live class Ben gives me a shout out, guaranteed to put a smile on my face.Ben works full time, has a wife and young family, he still makes the time for the group and gives it maximum effort. He is an extraordinary young man whom definitely deserves some recognition for what he does."

GAD Khalsa Sports Club

A couple of years ago, we spoke to the GAD Khalsa about their work to ensure football is accessible for all. They have done some amazing work to support people to be active in our community over the years and we want to say a huge #ThankYou to them.

View a video highlighting the work they do to make football inclusive for all

Residents of Petersham

The residents of Petersham have been working over a number of years to bring the community together and activity forms a big part of that. We'd like to thank the residents, @Shift and @Erewash Borough Council and all of the amazing community organisations for working together and helping make activity happen. Filmed before lockdown, this video gives a flavour of some of the activities happening in Petersham

Ronin Budo Martial Arts

As part of the #ThankYou campaign, we asked people who they'd like to thank. We received a number of submissions for Ronin Budo Martial Arts for their work, particularly during lockdown, here's just a flavour of some of the comments we received, thanks for all you do Ronin Budo!

"Ronin Budo has been a big part of my son's life for a couple of years now, he was shy and had next to no confidence. Chaz and the team have been excellent with him and he has come on leaps and bounds! All the instructors are amazing and always have their students best interest at heart!!!"

"Through Covid 19 they have gone above and beyond to ensure the students have the best chance at learning whilst in these uncertain times. From keeping classes open(when allowed) and putting all safety measures in place to doing zoom lessons just to keep everyone active and progressing. I thank them all so much and so does my whole family!!!"

More info:

Ronin Budo website

A Thank You to the Friends of Hurst Farm..