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GymFit to help with Tanya to run the London Marathon!

Tanya joined Gym Fit in December 2016 to do strength training combined with running, this was because she was training for the London Marathon. Since running the marathon in April 2017 she has decided to have a break and now does more classes. She felt that exercise helps with her mood and makes her a better person. She now feels less stressed and anxious when she has exercised.

Tanya attends Spin classes, TRX and Circuits at Gym Fit and says that these classes have helped her feel fitter and stronger, and is now happy and confident with her body. It's become a part of her everyday routine to go to Gym Fit and be active. Tanya notices the health benefits of exercising, she is hardly ever ill and just feels really healthy overall.

When exercise was out of the equation

Tanya has had a few moments in her life were exercise was put on hold. Her second
child passed away in 2009 and had an operation after her third child which
caused her to have 6 months off with not being able to do exercise. When things like this happen in someone's life, the last thing you think of is exercising. Family was the main priority.

The new strong, confident and motivated Tanya!

Tanya has proven to herself that she is a strong, confident and motivated person. Tanya started running after the loss of her child in 2009 and started running half marathons and then completed 2 full marathons. Tanya has proven that these classes at Gym Fit and completing marathons that barriers to exercise can be tackled. After completing the London Marathon, Tanya did feel a little low but after speaking to other marathon runners she found out that this was very common. She then decided to focus on different activities.

A brave mum!

Tanya's children now see her as a role model for being active and for being a brave confident mum. They even like to join her in activities which also helps them to be active as a family.

Tanya says "For me exercising has been a therapy, I don't know what I would of done without my running etc. when my child died, it's great for wellbeing and feeling confident with yourself. Also it's very sociable, I have made some great friends through the gym."

Tanya thinks that localising This Girl Can to Ripley Girls Can is fantastic and will benefit many women in Ripley by making more women to get active.