Talking Insights

What is it?

Delivered in unison by Active Derbyshire and Active Notts, our Talking Insights aim to address key themes surrounding physical activity.

We have developed workshops to provide an informal space for delegates to share, discuss and learn from experiences, whilst providing the perfect opportunity to network with those who share the same vision- making physical activity accessible for all.

We have also developed podcasts to share our learning more informally, allowing for a discussion with partners specialising in a particular area. This allows those interested to download and listen in their own time.

What's involved?

We want to improve accessibility to physical activity for everyone, to do this we need to create a wider understanding of the barriers to activity and share our learned experiences.

To do this we aim to:

  • Deliver workshops that touch upon relevant and current issues
  • Share learning from partners
  • Facilitate and initiate discussion
  • Welcome and encourage networking between different partners and stakeholders
  • Produce a series of podcasts on relevant subjects to develop understanding

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