Simon Warren - Bolsover District Council

Simon Warren, 47, from Bolsover works at Bolsover District Council in Clowne.

He will be logging Workplace Challenge points in 'Shake Up September' having started walking regularly in the Spring.

'Logging the walking I do'

"I have started to log the walking and I will be logging everything I do during the 'Shake Up September'.

"I am now walking either to work or home two or three times a week with a mileage between the two of 3.2 miles. I live in Bolsover and I work in Clowne.

"The reason that I started to walk was encouraged by my sister and brother-in-law, who have been jogging a couple of times a week and also my brother and nephew who last year ran the Istanbul marathon, so this made me think, 'let's start doing this'.

Fitting it in around specific events

"The first day that I walked home was in April. It took me an hour and I was a little bit tired, but I enjoyed it and the next day I walked home from work again and really got into it.

"I have managed to fit it in around specific events too such as elections day in early May when I walked to work and then finished early for the evening elections count.

"I have now decided to run once a week to get ready to run the Bolsover Fun Run in December.

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