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Sadie decided it was time to change

Sadie Hartshorne says exercise has changed her life and she is now happier, healthier and more confident.

The 42-year-old is a member at Ripley Leisure Centre, and since first attending Weight Watchers there in 2014, and gradually getting more active, she has now lost 108lb (more than seven and a half stone) in weight.

Sadie said: "When I started Weight Watchers I knew that I needed to change my life, I was extremely overweight. As I started to lose the weight they spoke about moving more, so I decided to go swimming as I could go at my own pace.

"As I slowly got fitter I began to enjoy the exercise more and it became a way of life and also addictive - as you feel better you want to do it more. Getting membership at the leisure centre also gave me the chance to try different classes."

Sadie now does Sh'Bam four times a week, body combat twice a week, Aquafit and body vive, as well as walking her dog Ted most days.

She said: "I'm happier, healthier and more confident now, exercise has changed my life.

"I've heard that people think that gyms aren't friendly and welcoming and people judge, but I haven't found this, I've made lots of fantastic friends.

"I would say to people if the gym is not your thing try classes, there's so many to take part in, or join a walking group, physical activity changes you, your body and your mind."

To find out more about what is on offer at Ripley Leisure Centre visit www.placesforpeopleleisure.org/centres/ripley-leisure-centre