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Derbyshire features some inspiring landscape.

Why run?

There are lots of great reasons to run. It's great for your health. It's great for your happiness and wellbeing.

"Running is free, you can do it anywhere, and it burns more calories than any other mainstream exercise. Regular running can reduce your risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. It can also boost your mood and keep your weight under control". (NHS Choices)

The facts

The Chief Medical Officer (department for health 2011) recommends 150 minutes moderate intensity activity each week for adults, at least 60 minutes each day for children (over five) and three hours activity each day for under-5s, alongside activities to strengthen muscles.

Research also shows that an inactive person spends 37% more days in hospital and visits the doctor 5.5% more times than an active person (Sari 2008), while people over 50 who are physically active enjoy between 1.1 and 3.7 more "quality life years" than average (Heron & Bradshaw 2010).

Run England - I run for me

Watch Run England's video on the benefits running can bring.

Burning 1,000 calories per session

A recent study by University College London found that exercising three times a week could lower the risk of depression by 16%. The average runner burns 1,000 calories an hour during a training session, helping you get that little bit smaller, which will in turn help you run faster.

Other benefits from running include strengthening muscles and bones, increasing self esteem, reducing anxiety, and the risk of heart disease, controlling weight and boosting the immune system.