Physical Activity Guidelines

A little exercise makes a big difference.

How much activity to stay healthy?

How much physical activity you need to do each week depends on your age.

The following physical activity guidelines will help you understand the type and amount of activity that you need to do to be healthy.

Click on each link to download a factsheet for the specific age group.

Small amounts of activity can make a big difference. There are many benefits to becoming more active including: a great sense of achievement, having more energy, sleeping better at night and reducing your stress levels, plus a host of social opportunities.

Staying active - some tips

• Set yourself clear, specific and realistic goals, and set yourself some short term and longer term goals. Try to make them measurable and adjust them if necessary

• Be active wherever you can be – try to walk rather than getting in the car, build activity in to your daily everyday activity

• To help you achieve your goals keep an online diary – you will find this helps keep you motivated, fascinating to see how you are getting on and gives you a focus