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The initial kick start GymFit

Nicky first started GymFit about 9 months ago and attends Bounce, TRX and spin. Her friend was the one to kick start Nicky to start doing exercise as she asked her to go to a class with her.

Initially Nicky hated exercise, so for her friend to make her to go was a real big achievement. Going to a class for the first time with your friends it much easier than facing one alone. Now Nicky faces no barriers to exercise which means she never skips a class!

How Nicky feels now!

Since Nicky has been active she feels a lot better in herself. Getting active has given her a massive confidence boost and is very aware of the health benefits of getting active as you notice it a lot with in yourself with how you feel.

Nicky did have a bad experience with the spin class, she didn't just stop going and forgot about spin, she went again and forgot about her previous experience and now enjoys it even more.

"Just give it a go!!"