Grants to Support Canoeing and Inland Waterway Conservation

Posted: Mon, 09 Aug 2021 19:33

Grants to Support Canoeing and Inland Waterway Conservation

The Canoe Foundation has announced that the next closing date for applications is the 31st August 2021.

The main purpose of the Canoe Foundation is to "support all to enjoy and benefit from the experience of paddling on our water in a sustainable manner".

The Foundation does this through grant making that facilitates improvements to suitable landing and launching points and by promoting the conservation of inland waterways for the benefit of all sectors of the community. The current focus of the Foundation's awards are on:

  • Increasing and protecting public access points to water for recreational users.
  • Creation of sustainable launching and landing sites, to and alongside water, for all sectors of the community and abilities.
  • Protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

The Foundation invites applications for grants ranging from £500 to £10,000; although grants typically range between £2,500 and £5,000.

Exceptional projects over £10,000 will be considered.

Funding applications are welcome from clubs, community groups, Parish Councils, Local Authorities or anyone with an active interest in improving access to water for recreational users and protecting the environment.

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