Sport England's Return to Play: Small Grants - Update

Posted: Mon, 05 Jul 2021 16:26

Sport England's Return to Play: Small Grants - Update

This fund makes awards of between £300 and £10,000 from a total pot of £15m, to help clubs and organisations providing sport and physical activity respond to the immediate challenges of returning to play in a coronavirus-safe way.

This could include contributing to covering the increased costs due to changing how or where you deliver your activity – for example, you require more coaches due to having to deliver activity in smaller groups than normal or having additional hygiene and safety equipment.

Funding could also be used for minor amendments to facilities to allow social distancing, additional sports equipment to minimise sharing, and training courses to help you deliver your activities safely.

They will also consider new or adapted projects that respond to the needs of participants and help people to get active again.

Key information:

  • Awards of £300-£10,000 are possible
  • Awards are to help with essential changes to services or facilities and for new projects responding to the need to offer alternatives as a result of the pandemic.
  • All applications should be focused on responding to the effects of the pandemic.
  • Applications should be in line with the government's national and local guidelines at the time you apply.
  • Applications can be received by not-for-profit organisations.
  • The programme will remain open until the end of 2021.

Because funding is limited they are prioritising certain projects.

Highest priority
Projects located in areas of high deprivation (decile 1-3 of the Indices of Deprivation).

Other funding priorities
They particularly encourage applications from organisations working with communities who've suffered worse health outcomes and the most significantly reduced activity levels as a result of the pandemic. Insight currently shows this to be girls and women, young people aged 16-24 and older people aged 70+.

Whilst the above are their priorities, it doesn't mean they won't support groups working beyond them, just that your application stands a stronger chance of success if it supports them and they have too many fundable applications.

They've always tried to address inequalities through our funding so encourage applications from organisations who support people on low incomes, people with a long-term health condition or disabled people, Black, Asian and other diverse communities, and LGBTQ+ people.

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