Heart Research UK and SUBWAY Offer Healthy Heart Grants Again in 2021

Posted: Sun, 06 Jun 2021 11:46

Heart Research UK and SUBWAY Offer Healthy Heart Grants Again in 2021

Funding for new, original and innovative projects that actively promote a healthy heart and help to prevent, or reduce, the risk of heart disease in communities across the UK.

After being suspended in March 2020 due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, Heart Research UK and SUBWAY have announced it will be accepting applications again for regions across the UK from February to October.

In response to the pandemic, this year's funding is for projects that can be safely delivered during the pandemic, including:

  • Funding for projects that can be delivered remotely or with social distancing measures in place that last up to 12 months. Although projects that last for several months may be preferable, consideration will be given to shorter projects, such as one-off events that may last as little as one day or one week (e.g. a socially distanced or online workshop or community event; or a week-long training course).
  • Grants for purchases of equipment only, such as exercise equipment, technology, blood pressure monitors, weighing scales etc). This will only be considered if the equipment can be safely used under current social distancing measures and the equipment should be used to promote heart health.

The funding rotates around the UK at different times of the year. Community groups, voluntary organisations, charities and other not-for profit organisations based in specified towns and cities can apply when the application window for their region opens.

The application windows for 2021 for the central region is:

  • 7 May to 14 June

This is a competitive grant scheme as there is a funding pot of £10,000 for each region. Groups can apply for grants ranging from £1,000 to a maximum grant of £10,000.

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