Funding opportunity for schools with tennis courts!

Posted: Wed, 09 Jun 2021 14:50

Funding opportunity for schools with tennis courts!

LTA Gate Access Pilot on School Sites:

Schools can apply for grant funding from the LTA, to pay for the supply and installation of a gate access system – approximately £7,000.

The LTA can grant fund an innovative, digital gate access system, to help schools open up their tennis courts to their local community. The benefits of this opportunity are:

  • Control your courts remotely
  • Grant access at limited, or specified, times
  • Vary court booking charges depending on who is booking
  • Automate floodlight control (premium gate only)
  • Collate data highlighting how often your courts are used and by who

In order to be successful with the application, the school must:

  • Be in an area of high population density, or be able to make a strong business case.
  • Commit to operating the gate access system and the courts it gives assess to for to for a minimum of five years
  • Enter in to a maintenance contract for the period of operation (c.£601+VAT p/a)
  • Sign up to an agreed schedule of hours that courts will be available for tennis.
  • Set aside £100 p/a as a "sinking fund" for the gate.
  • Provide a power supply to within 5m of the gate (premium gate only)

Before 31st August: potential opportunity for some schools to use DFE funding to cover some of the wider project costs

To be involved, eligible schools need to:

  • E-mail to express your interest and for an introduction to your local Participation Development Partner(s)
  • Your Participation Development Partner will then arrange a call to discuss the process further and can provide support to you, and/or your schools, with the application process.
  • Applications are reviewed by panel every two weeks.
  • Installation dates are scheduled approximately one-two months in advance.

The LTA can:

  • Subject to a successful application, grant fund (£7k) gate access technology
  • Support the application process
  • Provide expert advice on designing and operationalising the programme
  • Provide marketing support, through national campaigns and collateral

The schools need to:

  • Commit to operating the gate access system for minimum of 5 years.
  • Enter into a maintenance contract of c. £601+VAT p/a
  • Set aside £100 p/a as a sinking fund for the gate
  • Provide a power supply to within 5m of the gate (premium only)

E-mail to start the process.

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