CIMSPA exercise and fitness professional standards review consultation

Posted: Tue, 18 May 2021 15:49

CIMSPA exercise and fitness professional standards review consultation

**Shared on behalf of CIMPSA**

CIMPSA are reviewing the Professional Standards for exercise and fitness and they need your expertise!

CIMSPA has opened three professional standards consultations for our exercise and fitness standards. The standards include: Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor and Core Group Exercise Instructor. All three consultation links can be found below and are open to organisations and individuals within the sector who have expertise around these topics.

CIMSPA began developing these professional standards in 2017 - a piece of work that began through consultation with sector partners, who stated that there needed to be a 'refresh' of the core knowledge, skills and behaviours individuals need for a given occupation, to work within a specific environment and/or with a specific population.

Over the past three years, we have developed 40 professional standards. CIMSPA Education Partners have aligned and developed their qualifications, degrees and CPD to map against the standards, in order to achieve CIMSPA endorsement and to make sure their training is built for best practice.

Due to recent events and the coronavirus pandemic, online learning and changes in working practices have increased - highlighting the need for professionals to be adaptable and responsive to the change in their working environments. As such, we want to make sure that the professional standards are continually reviewed so that they are fit for purpose and accurately represent sector roles.

The key request of CIMSPA from employers is to provide membership categories that clearly outline a member's scope of practice, and to standardise, endorse and quality-assure education and training for anyone working in the sport and physical activity sector.

To help us deliver on that objective, we would like your input to ensure that all of our fitness based professional standards include the most up to date and relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours for the roles.

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