Thousands of pupils take part in Stand Up Derbyshire

Posted: Thu, 22 Oct 2020 11:00

Thousands of pupils take part in Stand Up Derbyshire

Schools across Derbyshire and Derby took part in Stand Up Derbyshire on Friday 25th September.

As part of the day each school which took part pledged that every child would be as active as possible, and pupils also learnt more about the benefits of being active.

A range of schools of varying sizes took part, from both urban and rural parts of Derbyshire. Almost 40% of schools that engaged on the day classed themselves as starting or working towards being an active school rather than being an active school. It is hoped that the day provided them with the inspiration and support to carry on their journey to become an active school.

Many of the ways that pupils got active were shared on social media throughout the day, using the hashtag #SUD20, and included regular active brain breaks, mile a day activities, active maths, fitness and mindfulness sessions, desk dancing and Harry Potter yoga.

Organised by Active Derbyshire and the School Games Organiser network in Derbyshire, all primary schools in Derbyshire and Derby were invited to take part.

Schools were sent a toolkit from their School Games Organiser with ideas on how to incorporate bursts of physical activity throughout the school day, with themes such as active travel, active numeracy, active storytelling, health and wellbeing.

As part of the day pupils were asked to share what they enjoy about being active, and how they pledge to be active in the future. Pledges included being more active at home, running, scooting or cycling twice a week, and running more.

Schools were able to register online for a free healthy schools' poster, and were also asked for their feedback about the day and the best part about it. Comments included:

"Children enjoyed taking part in different fitness videos and activities. It was a good opportunity to talk to the children about how they can stay active at home and why this is important."

"Seeing all children and staff taking part in some form of physical activity. Full participation of school!"

"Seeing the children enjoying the physical activity, revisiting the importance of physical activity and seeing and listening to the children considering their own physical activity."

"It gave us a focus for a day to remind ourselves what is important in education and see the children completely engaged in and enjoying their learning, with the thought that children across Derbyshire were doing the same."

Naomi Bennett-Jones, young people lead for Active Derbyshire, said: "By taking part in Stand Up Derbyshire, schools were asked to focus on making sure all pupils were as physically active as they could be during the day. We also asked schools to embrace an active school ethos beyond 25th September, if not already embedded, to improve the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of young people.

"We want physical activity to be prominent in every school's policy and vision and, working in partnership with the School Games Organiser network, schools received a toolkit designed to give primary school practitioners some simple ideas on how to include bursts of physical activity in the school day in addition to opportunities provided through curriculum PE, active breaks and lunchtimes and before and after school clubs. Also included were some links to free online resources and national partners who could provide ideas and support and continuous professional development.

"This is part of our commitment to support schools to prioritise opportunities for children to access at least 30 minutes in school of the recommended 60 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day across the week."

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