People's Postcode Lottery - Reopening 21st January

Posted: Tue, 03 Dec 2019 09:33

People's Postcode Lottery - Reopening 21st January

There are two funding rounds a year during which applicants can apply for project based funding.

Those successful at stage 1 progress to stage 2, if successful at stage 2 the organisation will receive the total funds that they requested in their application.

A range of organisations can bid for up to £2K, to support their work, including CICs, sports groups, companies limited by guarantee and constituted not for profit groups. However, registered charities can apply for up to £20K.

Their funding rounds in 2020

Stage 1: 21st January - 4th February

Stage 2: 10th March - 24th March

The 2019 priorities have been 'promoting human rights, 'combating discrimination' and 'poverty prevention'.

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