Badminton England Club Grants and Coach Bursaries

Posted: Tue, 05 Nov 2019 11:59

Badminton England Club Grants and Coach Bursaries

Badminton England have made available grants of up to £500 for affiliated clubs that will support the growth of club membership. The grant can be used for things such as increasing the number of club sessions, developing coaches, running open or taster sessions and more as long as the aim is to develop and grow the club further. Projects should create new activity as opposed to existing activity. Badminton England will cover 50% of project costs with contribution from the club as either investment or in kind contributions (such as coaches giving up their time to deliver sessions for free).

Grants of more than £500 are also available but these are reserved for those with Badminton England Premier Club Status. For more information on what Premier Club status entails follow the link below.

More information on Club Grants here...

To support club development, Badminton England want to ensure the right range and depth of coaches are available. Grants covering 50% pf the cost of up-skilling coaches to Level 1 or 2 status.

More information on the Coach Bursary Application Process can be found here...

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