Funding to Explore the Development of Community Spaces

Posted: Mon, 08 Jul 2019 16:26

Funding to Explore the Development of Community Spaces

The Co-op Foundation 'Space to Connect' Fund

The 'Explore' strand of the Co-op's 'Space to Connect' fund has a total budget of £480,000 and awards grants are up to £10,000. The deadline to apply for this strand is midday on Monday 12 August 2019.

This funding is to help identify local challenges that could be addressed through better use of spaces, such as loneliness, health, community cohesion and access to services. It could also help identify potentially underused spaces, and opportunities to make better use of them to meet local needs and priorities.

The purpose of this funding is to engage the community in a conversation about how spaces could be better used to address local needs and priorities.

This may involve:

● Holding community meetings and workshops

● Carrying out community engagement work

● Bringing together local decision-makers and other stakeholders to respond to issues and priorities raised through community engagement

● Identifying potentially underused spaces and exploring the feasibility of making them more available for community use.

All of the funding available is revenue funding. This can be spent on things like:

● Core costs including staff time

● Activity costs including low value equipment and resources

● Workshops

● Venue hire

They want to fund organisations that are delivering something for the community in places where there are fewer opportunities for people to meet, socialise, take part in activities and access services. For example, places where services and activities are difficult or expensive to travel to, or where community activities and events are not affordable for many people.

These are likely to be areas where people are affected by deprivation and isolation. There is also the potential for organisations who secure Explore grants to apply for further funding to continue this work.

Applicants must have:

● Have a realistic plan to engage the community in conversations about better use of spaces to support social connections

● Are seen as credible and trusted by local people

● Are working in an area where there are fewer opportunities for people to meet, take part in activities and access services

● Involve members of the community in how your organisation is run

● Actively take steps to include all sections of the local community in your work

● Are a charity, social enterprise or other form of not-for-profit voluntary or community group

● Have a UK bank account in your organisation's name and at least two unconnected people on your board or management committee

The work funded by the grant must take place between October 2019 and March 2020

The grant you apply for should not be more than 50% of your organisation's annual income.

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