*NEW* Active Snaps photo competition

Posted: Wed, 01 May 2019 07:30

*NEW* Active Snaps photo competition

Today we are launching a photo competition and are looking for your best snaps demonstrating physical activity!

The Active Snaps competition is looking for your best photos that display physical activity happening across the county. Physical activity isn't all about sport or being an athlete, it's about getting up and moving! We want to see photos of you, your friends/family demonstrating how you get active.

We are looking for a variety of pictures so have set up the following categories to inspire you:

  • Indoor activities (physical activity taking place indoors such as badminton, yoga, chair-based exercise)
  • Outdoor activities (Mooching about the countryside, taking part in a park run?)
  • Coaches and Teams (Do you manage a local sports team or take part in team sports? Share what you're a part of!)
  • Children and Young People (how does your child keep active? If they're full of energy share your snaps on how they keep moving!)
  • Active in your area (great spots in the county where you like to get out and about!)

The competition runs from Wednesday 1st May to Friday 31st May 2019. Winners will be announced and contacted by Friday 7th June.

*NEW* Active Snaps photo competition

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