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Derbyshire Coach Bursary Fund - Now Open

Posted: Thu, 04 Apr 2019 14:37

Derbyshire Coach Bursary Fund - Now Open

Are you a coach in Derbyshire, looking to become qualified?

We are excited to announce that the Derbyshire Coach Bursary opened 1st of April 2019. The Bursary is aimed at supporting coaches/activators who need financial help to gain qualifications required to deliver their activities.

The fund looks to support individuals who are:

  1. Supporting the inactive to become active
  2. Ensuring that people are supported and encouraged to engage in sport.
  3. Helping to keep people engaged in physical activity and sport throughout their lives

In particular those who are coaching/activating:

i. Women and girls.

ii. People from lower socio-economic groups.

iii. Young people aged 5-18

iv. People with disabilities to become more active and engage in physical activity and sport.

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