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'Moving towards an active Derbyshire' network event is held

Posted: Thu, 06 Dec 2018 11:52

'Moving towards an active Derbyshire' network event is held

Around 80 people attended a network event for partners in the county and city who are helping to deliver the strategy 'Towards an Active Derbyshire'.

The 'Moving Towards an Active Derbyshire' event was held at the Proact Stadium in Chesterfield, where delegates heard about some of the innovative work taking place across the county and city to tackle inactivity.

Delegates were welcomed by Active Derbyshire Strategic Director Stuart Batchelor before hearing from CEO Ilana Freestone who reflected on the work that has been done so far to help deliver the strategy 'Towards an Active Derbyshire', and the challenges that working to create a culture change have brought.

She said that through the use of insight and evidence work had been done to understand the need, and called on partners to work together to find the solutions.

She said: "We need to create the time and space to explore the learning – how do we capture? How do we share? How do we explore?"

The keynote speech was delivered by Dr. William Bird MBE, a family GP who started to get his patients more active by setting up the first Health Walk scheme in 1996, who talked about the benefits of physical activity.

He said: "Physical activity has a major effect, right down to a cellular level. Walking and physical activity can increase the rate of telomere growth – the benefits are even higher when getting active outdoors.

"Physical activity is not just good for the heart and brain, it is good for the whole of society."

However, he said that to get real scale we need to get lots of people becoming activity leaders themselves, inspiring others to get active.

Delegates also heard about some of the innovative approaches to physical activity from across the city and county and beyond, with presentations from David Stock, from High Peak Borough Council and Staffordshire Moorlands District Council, about how social media is being used to shape sport and physical activity; Becky Bryan from Derbyshire Dales District Council, who spoke about their place-based approach; Cathy Miles from South Derbyshire CVS, who spoke about supporting local communities to develop their own solutions; and Owen Swift who presented Derby City Council's active travel campaign 'A – Derby'.

Baby J from Baby People also spoke about their work with young people and told delegates not to underestimate the influence that they can have by introducing new things to organisations.

The network event was the result of feedback from professionals working in and around the physical activity system in Derbyshire, and aimed to engage partners contributing to achieving the strategy 'Towards an active Derbyshire' and encourage learning and the sharing of good practice.

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