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Research shows swimming to be among the top downtime activities of successful people

Posted: Tue, 13 Nov 2018 11:49

Research shows swimming to be among the top downtime activities of successful people

New research has shown swimming to be among the top downtime activities of successful people.

The analysis, which was conducted by branding experts Discount Displays, looked at how a number of successful people in their fields spent their downtime, according to their Instagram feeds.

The results showed that swimming and wider water sports were among the most common activities across successful people in business, sport, music and film.

The results of the analysis have been presented in an infographic (click on link to see it).

This research follows a report released by Swimming.org in line with Mental Health Awareness Week, which showed that swimming can have a beneficial effect on mental health.

Ian Cumming, chair of the Swimming and Health Commission, said: "These findings support the research we released last year about the many health and wellbeing benefits of swimming.

"Physical activity in any form can have a positive impact on a person's mental health, but swimming is unique because the buoyancy of water ensures everyone is able to take part at a pace that suits them. It is particularly good for people with restricted movement.

"Research shows that simply being in water can be restorative, particularly swimming outside. People relax in many different ways – some set a target and aim to beat their time while others prefer a more leisurely swim on their own or with friends.

"Swimming provides that choice, and if it is regularly prescribed alongside other forms of support, swimming could have a real impact on wider society."

Water was a popular feature in the Instagram feeds of celebrities including Virgin CEO Richard Branson, The Apprentice star Lord Sugar, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, Olympic medallist Usain Bolt, singer Adele, musician Ed Sheeran, Uk number 1 pop star Sam Smith, Fresh Prince star Will Smith, Lion King star Seth Rogen and Magic Mike star Channing Tatum.

Speaking of the results, Discount Displays head of branding Aaron Inglethorpe said: "The way we choose to position ourselves through our social media profiles has a huge impact on how we're perceived by those who follow us.

"This analysis of celebrity Instagram accounts provided unique access into the extra-curricular activities of successful people, allowing us an insight into how they choose to spend their relaxation time."

"The prevalence of water based activities is proof of the relaxing effects of spending time in the pool or by the sea. While we may not all have multi million pound yachts on which to chill after work, we can all take a leaf out of these celebrities' books and spend some time on the water as a means of taking our minds off work and rejuvenating for the challenges to come."

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