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English Schools Football Association Development Fund – 2018

Posted: Wed, 01 Aug 2018 15:59

English Schools Football Association Development Fund – 2018

The English Schools Football Association (ESFA) has ring-fenced £60,000 of its FA grant to support new schools' football activity. Below, is a list of the types of activities which are eligible, and the maximum funding available to successful applicants. The list is not intended to be exclusive, but projects need to be:

  • That new activity is being stimulated
  • That the new activity doesn't duplicate other activity in the area
  • That the activity couldn't go ahead without development funding
  • More children will play football as a result.

Within these criteria, priorities for investment include primary school football, girls' football and football opportunities for pupils with disabilities. However, all activity which fills gaps is eligible for consideration, but PLEASE BE AWARE THAT, UNDER THE CONDITIONS OF THE GRANT, REPRESENTATIVE FOOTBALL IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR DIRECT FUNDING.

A variety of grant support is available e.g.:

  • Start Up grants for the creation of new associations where none exist – up to £3K
  • To start up new leagues or divisions – up to £1,000/league or £100/team
  • Funding to support Danone local rounds (boys & girls) where currently none exist - up to £500
  • For year 3/4 pupils, to stimulate participation at an early age, where no activity exists – up to £500 competition / festival
  • Providing start-up funding for Futsal activity – up to £3,000
  • Providing equipment (or funding towards it) for any priority team where equipment costs are a barrier to establishing activity – up to £500
  • Start-up grants for disability leagues and festivals, for any age group – up to £1,000.

N.B. Paying for coaches to deliver IS eligible for funding but should not make up any more than 30% of total grant. County Schools' FA's MUST be made aware of your bid and listed within it. They will be consulted as a part of the sign-off process.

The deadline for entries is Wednesday 19th September at 5:pm.

For further information, please contact David Ebberson, Premier League District Programme Manager,


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