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Workforce Think Tank held in Derbyshire

Posted: Thu, 12 Apr 2018 10:28

Workforce Think Tank held in Derbyshire

A Workforce Think Tank Session, to consider 'how we build a workforce who are fit for the future' has been hosted by Active Derbyshire.

The event was attended by a range of partners who work professionally in recruiting, developing and managing individuals who are involved in delivering sport and physical activity initiatives.

The session began by asking those attending to define what the term 'workforce' meant to them, and then sharing Active Derbyshire's current working definition that it is 'anyone who has the opportunity or ability to influence or enable people in our communities to lead active lives'.

The interactive session was led by Suzanne Watson from Active Derbyshire, together with colleague Helen Davis who gave an update on national thinking from Sport England and findings from a UK Coaching survey on the challenges and barriers to coaching.

Speakers also included Amanda Chambers and Tracey Lines, who shared some of their experiences from the Nottingham City of Football project, and suggested that traditional partners needed to work alongside new partners in order to be able to cater for all and successfully engage with different target groups such as young people and women and girls.

The Think Tank concluded with attendees considering what their current workforce looks like, who their target audience is, and whether this workforce meets the needs of this audience.

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