Local club benefits from Community Leadership Scheme

Posted: Tue, 07 Nov 2017 11:25

Local club benefits from Community Leadership Scheme

Access to funding is vital for any club or group to be able to develop their offer and grow the group. The community leadership scheme, administered by Derbyshire County Councillors, provides members with a way to support projects within their division.

Long Eaton County Councillor, Cllr Alan Griffiths, saw the fund as a good way to help local club – Long Eaton Rugby Club, to develop their teams including their youth and women's teams. Together with Petersham representative Councillor Gary Hickton and Sawley representative Councillor Kewal Athwal, they used some of the community fund jointly to donate £3000 to the club.

Former footballer and longtime coach, Cllr Griffiths said; "I've always been interested in and keen on sport, it promotes many positive characteristics such as a keen sense of purpose, it also helps to build relationships and gets the community active. It's can be one of the most enjoyable time that kids can spend. I hope that we can continue to see more coaches trained and develop in the county."

Long Eaton Rugby Club President, Des Chapman said; "We have always received superb support and assistance from EREWASH Borough Council over the past few years of Club projects to extend our Club's facilities. The Club has needed to extend both the changing facilities and clubhouse social areas, due to the continual expansion of it's playing membership. Just over six seasons ago the Club was about to disband, fortunately this decision was not passed at an Extraordinary Club Meeting; and now the Club has moved forward to it's present status, whereby we proudly have over 360 youth players (ages fro 4 – 17), 45 girls (ages 7 – 17) and three adult sides, and a Veterans XV. Training sessions take place throughout the week (Tues – Fri) with inter club matches each and every Saturday & Sunday on West Park.

"The Club has over 40 volunteer coaches, providing excellent provision for the club players to both enjoy and improve their individual skills. We recruit playing members from Long Eaton, Sawley, Sandiacre, Stapleford, Breaston, Borrowash and other neighbouring areas of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire.

"The development and progression of the Club over these past few years has been made possible by the achievement and leadership of one man our Club Chairman – Chris Brookes. His personal involvement, dedication and drive has seen the Club develop beyond all expectations. We now have the best administered club, with the best playing facilities in the East Midlands. Long Eaton RFC is a 'Community Club', offering superb facilities for all ages to enjoy their rugby."

The donation was presented prior to the 1st XV team's league match on Saturday 4th November.

More details on the fund, along with how to find out who your local representative is, can be found here

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