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How a push from a family member and make it easier to exercise

Lana first started attending Karrie's Pole Fitness in November 2015 when her sister in law asked her to join with her. Lana wanted to start doing exercise and wanted to find something she would enjoy and not get bored of. The barriers that stopped her participating in classes and exercise is that she found herself lazy and struggles to find something she'd want to attend again, and finding money to pay for these memberships.

Now that Lana has started Karrie's Pole fitness she will only miss a class if she's not feeling well or work commitments. Her sister in law helped her find something that she enjoys which mean that their relationship got stronger.

Benefits of being active for Lana

The benefits of Lana getting active was that she had an increase of motivation, felt stronger and has better wellbeing. She's very aware that exercise can benefit everyone in different ways and is physically and psychologically happy with the benefits she has seen.

"I would recommend pole because it's fun, the girls and Karrie are lovely and friendly, there's no pressure to perform, the exercise isn't too intense, you can go as often or as little as you want and the social aspect of the classes are great".