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Jog Derbyshire

Take it in your stride!

Jog Derbyshire

Go at your own pace and make new friends

Jog Derbyshire groups are friendly and help support beginners or those getting back into the groove.

Jog Derbyshire is a countywide project which aims to encourage people to become fitter and be more active by starting to jog on a regular basis with people of similar fitness levels.

Anyone who is new to jogging, or has not run for a long time, can be guided through a series of gentle walking and jogging programmes led by a qualified Jog Derbyshire Leader.

The emphasis is on having fun and making new friends with people of similar fitness levels.

Meet some of our jog leaders and jog groups, and find out how joining one of our friendly jog groups could change your life!

Jog Derbyshire is a Shift initiative. For more information visit www.shift-together.co.uk