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Jacqueline feels more confident than ever

Jacqueline first began running early 2015 and then joined Booticamp Babes in 2016.

Jacqueline has always been envious of other runners and tried on many occasions to run, she did a few laps around the block and soon lost interest. Jacqueline thought she was a little overweight and was busy being a mum of two, who before pregnancy had reached and maintained her goal weight at weight watchers.

Eight years on, she was still battling with two stone. Jacqueline also met another mum at the school who had started her running journey. They motivated each other to start running at evenings and take part in the summer half marathon.

In May 2016 her sister took her along to a Booticamp session, her sister had lost two stone which helped motivate Jacqueline to give it a try and get fitter.

Jacqueline was a busy working mum and her partner works shifts, this meant it was hard for Jacqueline to fit exercise classes into her busy schedule. Even though the shift patterns can change for Jacqueline and her partner which can cause child care issues due to them having the same shifts or long shift, Jacqueline still manages to squeeze a run or some sort of exercise in the day is she has to miss Booticamps Babes. This often means getting up for a run at 5am!

Jacqueline is the fittest she has been in years. Exercise has helped her manage anxiety which used to often affect her. After the workout she instantly feels happier, her mood instantly lifts. Jacqueline's runs much faster and her endurance is much better because of attending Booticamp Babes sessions. She is now 2 stone lighter.

Being active has change Jacqueline's life by being able to take part in many fitness events that she would never dreamed she could do, more confident with her body, as she was confident in her bikini this summer. It also creates the whole family active by going on bike rides, and doing activities together.

Jacqueline initially started just running, now she goes to varied exercise classes a Booticamp Babes and also went to the Booticamp residential weekend which she never thought she would. She then started doing X Runners events and half marathons, were as before all of this she couldn't even do 1 burpee.

"Exercise has had a huge positive to me it's not just about the weight, it's a holistic approach to a better me, physically and emotionally I've benefited. Starting a new journey always come with apprehension, small steady steps take you far!"

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