Insight Service

Insight work can make a real impact on your work.

Are you...

  • Looking for a rigorous way to prioritise your work?
  • Trying to make sense of all the facts and figures out there?
  • Trying to understand your communities better, to help deliver better services?
  • Writing a strategy and need help to understand the trends?

Perhaps we can help...

Insight led work makes a bigger difference

Insight can provide a more complete picture both locally and at county level, resulting in a greater impact on organisational goals.

Using insight is vital in the development of strategy. It should also guide the design of campaigns, programmes and interventions. Insight helps to focus and direct your efforts to have a bigger impact. It helps teams to better understand community needs, and respond more effectively.

Active Derbyshire, working in partnership with Press Red, offer a bespoke service to partners within and outside Derbyshire, to help them develop insight to inform their planning, decision making and delivery.

We can help you gain insight in your local area.

What is insight?

Insight is defined as the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of the true nature of something.

Insight without action is worthless, while action without insight is misguided and potentially wasteful. Together, action based on insight can provoke real change.

The assistance we can provide is bespoke for each project, from confirming the project purpose and conducting background research to analysing and interrogating data and outlining recommendations.

How can we help?

Our service will help you to develop your insight, and think critically about what it is telling you, about your communities and their needs.

The data analysis, interpretation, story telling and critical analysis can be done at county, local or neighbourhood level.

At a neighbourhood level we can also offer support to identify and map local assets and provision as well as a range of ways to listen to and engage local residents and community stakeholders. All of this can form the basis for you to develop your understanding further, and continue to build on this in your day to day work.

What we can do and how it helps you.



Determination of the most appropriate behaviour measures/indicators

Identify what matters most to you

Demographic analysis and forecast

Knowing who’s in your market and what’s happening to it

Sport and physical activity behaviour analysis and comparison to appropriate national trends

Knowing how your market currently behaves, the scale of any inequalities, trends and how these compare nationally

Expert critical thinking to interrogate information and enable further analysis

With every angle considered you’re confident you know your market

Client check and challenge of emerging story and preconceptions

You understand the emerging picture and it’s answering the right questions

Prioritisation of information to develop the storyline

The most important factors and the link between them tell the story

Visualisation of data/information

Complex information understood at a glance

Presentation of story to consult partners and check appropriateness and understanding

You understand and feel confident to present the storyline yourself

Examples of our work

Service Fees

Our insight service offers a bespoke approach to suit your organisation's needs. We have a range of models at a county, district and local level. Please get in touch to talk through what you are looking to achieve. Alternatively, email or phone Active Derbyshire on 01773 748907