Improve and Explore

Explore the countryside or your surroundings.

Be confident in your running

Once you've got started, and feel confident in your running. Go and explore!

Try new routes, go for a run from work, or when you're on holiday. It gives you a whole new perspective on places. Again, don't worry if you aren't able to run non-stop. It doesn't matter at all.

Read running magazines, look online and use running apps to give you ideas of where to go locally and further afield. Take your friends and family with you, and build running into your way of life.

There are lots of local short events that you can do too whether it's your village fete fun run, a local 5k, a charity event or your local parkrun. Check out our club and activity search and the JOG Derbyshire featured events search, to see what's coming up nearby.

Take on all terrain with a trail run.

Hit the trails

Running on the road, or on pavements isn't for everyone. It's convenient, and many people prefer it in the winter, but there are some great traffic free trails, parks and footpaths to explore aswell. If you're enjoying the scenery, you're more likely to forget any discomfort, and want to do it again.

Derbyshire has a fantastic network of 'Greenways', public bridleways and trails. There are challenges and events in local parks, on National Trust sites, and at country parks.

If you're not sure where to go, running apps help you to see where other people are running in your area. There are segments and routes mapped with names, which might help you to explore further afield.