How Alex fell in love with cycling

Alex (left) riding her trike.

Chesterfield Wheely Fun Wheels run one of Derbyshire's Inclusive Cycling Hubs that offer a range of adapted bikes suited for all abilities and needs. They have a range of ages and abilities who hire out their bikes, one of which is Alex.

Instructors helped make it easier

Alex came to her first session on March 2015 as part of a group booking.

Initially she was reluctant to try any of the trikes but after discussing how our instructors could make it easier for her to be in control of the trike she selected the yellow 'low rider' trike.

Her first attempt at mounting the trike was quite traumatic for Alex and despite being upset she persevered and eventually completed a lap of our circuit in the Queen's Park.

Queen's Park offers a traffic free easy to ride circuit that is fantastic for anyone starting out learning how to use an adapted bike or who just wants a quite ride!

Growing in confidence

We had a series of six public sessions starting soon after that were funded through Sportivate.

Alex came to five of those sessions, growing in confidence each time. We have just completed another set of sessions and Alex is now very able on the trike and regularly completes eight or nine laps in an hour.

At one of our recent sessions which was wet and windy Alex was the only person to come along! When speaking to Alex during her last ride she said, "I love my cycling now, it's one of the best things I do."

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Follow these links to find out what adapted bikes are available across the county and where you can find the different hubs.

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