How We Are Governed and Funded

How we are governed

Derbyshire Sport is governed by a Partnership Group, with the role of the group to:

  • determine major policies and principles of Derbyshire Sport
  • approve the business plan, annual operating plan, accounts and annual report
  • review the structure and membership of Derbyshire Sport as required and to approve new members.
  • appoint the Derbyshire Sport Executive Group.

Derbyshire Sport Executive Group

The Derbyshire Sport Executive Group supports and directs the work of Derbyshire Sport. It's role is to:

  • ensure the policies and principles agreed by Derbyshire Sport Partnership Group are upheld
  • ensure the production and implementation of a Derbyshire Sport Business Plan
  • set annual objectives and agree an annual Delivery Plan for the Derbyshire Sport staff team
  • monitor and review action plans and budgets.

How our work is funded

Derbyshire Sport is funded by a range of partners, shown in the graphic below which highlights the County Sports Partnership's income and expenditure between April 2015 and March 2016.

Our work is also supported by a range of commercial partners who sponsor programmes and events such as ICON and the Derbyshire Sports Awards, as well as give us 'in kind' support to help with our work.

We are always looking to develop partnerships with companies who share our vision and values, can make a contribution to our work. Please contact Hayley Lever on 01773 571232 or via if you would like to discuss this.