Gemma Smith - NetComposites

Taking part in the EndurerDash obstacle race

One of the many Derbyshire workplaces which are already taking part in the Workplace Challenge is Chesterfield-based NetComposites.

Seventeen of the company's staff have registered for the Challenge, and for some it has been the catalyst to getting more active – with the more 'sporty' team members also encouraging their not-so-sporty colleagues to get involved too.

NetComposites Marketing and Communications Manager Gemma Smith signed up for the Challenge and encouraged her colleagues to do the same after receiving an email about it.

'Being able to see what others are doing has motivated some'

She said: "I thought it would be a good idea to get people involved. We do a yearly team challenge, with staff split into teams other than their standard work teams, with a quiz and other activities, and it was another way the teams could get points.

"Being able to see what others are doing has motivated some, including two people who joined the gym who weren't previously members."

Each year the company holds a team day, with previous activities including climbing, abseiling and raft building, to give staff the chance to get active.

Team effort

'Healthy competition'

The company has also entered teams into local events such as the EndurerDash obstacle race, and last year keen runner and Managing Director Joe Carruthers led a team in the Chesterfield Marathon, with staff taking part in the marathon, half marathon or relay.

On a more day-to-day basis some of the team try to make time for an occasional lunchtime walk, or earn points by running, cycling or swimming.

Gemma said: "Some people certainly are doing more than they were before they joined the Workplace Challenge thanks to a bit of healthy competition."

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