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Disability Insight

We have pulled together research and insight from different sources into a disability insight booklet. This is designed to be a quick guide to introduce some of the barriers and issues disabled people face. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

Derbyshire specific data

This insight have been taken from the 'Projecting Older People Population Information System' for 66+ age group (POPPI) and the Projecting Adult Needs and Service Information for the 18-64 year olds age group (PANSI).

Both sites calculate their population figures from the Office for National Statistics subnational population projections. The latest of these projections were published in May 2014. Each impairment group's prevalence rates are based on various sources including RNIB, Educational studies and reports, General Household Study 2007, Health Survey for England 2006.

Data has been presented at number per 10,000– This is to illustrate the size of the impairment groups within Derbyshire's local areas.