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Towards an Active Derbyshire: Derbyshire Physical Activity and Sport Strategy 2016 – 2021

An active life with regular engagement in physical activity, sport, volunteering or coaching can have a hugely beneficial impact on people's lives, local communities and Derbyshire as a whole.

Towards an Active Derbyshire seeks to achieve the vision of more people in Derbyshire engaged in physical activity and sport, with the ambition of engaging an additional 50,000 people in active lives by 2021.

We are seeking a cultural transformation to 'turn the tide' of inactivity by providing choice, motivation and support in a co-ordinated way to change the behaviour of inactive groups by engaging them in physical activity and sport.

Towards an Active Derbyshire videos

Watch videos that show some of the great work already going on across Derbyshire to inspire active lives.

Erewash Valley Gymnastics Club working towards an Active Derbyshire

Georgia Saunders from Erewash Valley Gymnastics Club talks about the ways their club works with the community and how this has helped to increase participation. This is a great example of how the club is working towards building a more active Derbyshire.

Young volunteers - inspiring active lives

These inspirational young people are getting involved and changing lives with their volunteering. This all helps towards an active Derbyshire and our goal to get 50000 more active lives by 2021.

Running changing lives

Glossop parkrun, Buxton Athletics Club and Jog Derbyshire changing lives in Derbyshire and helping Derbyshire Sport to reach the goal of getting 50000 more active lives by 2021.