Derbyshire Cycling Plan

Attendees at the Derbyshire Cycling Plan launch showing their commitment to the plan.

The Derbyshire Cycling Plan has been developed by a range of partners across all of Derbyshire. This high level plan, brings us together, committed at the highest level, to getting more people on bikes, by 2030.

Case study: The impact of cycling at Kilburn Junior School

Kilburn Junior School riders.

Martin Whiteman, Sports Coach and Teaching Assistant at Kilburn Junior School, knows the positive impact that cycling can have on young people. Since introducing a cycling programme after a successful funding bid, he believes fitness levels, behaviour and attainment in the classroom have all improved.

It is a shining example of what those who have drawn up the Derbyshire Cycling Plan are determined will become more commonplace in years to come.

Pictured here, Katie Toft answering questions at the Derbyshire Cycling Plan launch

Derbyshire Cycling Plan: our commitment

For Derbyshire to be the most connected cycling county, we will need to improve cycling infrastructure and connectivity. We will help people of all ages to take part in cycling, supporting people to overcome the fears and barriers that put them off getting on a bike.

We will make sure that the marketing and information about cycling opportunities is excellent, and inspires people who live here, and those who visit, from home or overseas, to recognise Derbyshire as an amazing place to ride a bike.

At the highest levels in local government, sport, tourism and business, we will champion Derbyshire as a cycling place, and work hard to bring more investment in cycling to Derbyshire.

Derbyshire's Cycling Plan outlines a strategy for the next generation. Pictured here, Bolsover District tots start their cycling journey.

What do we ask of you

To make Derbyshire a place where more people cycle every day, we need our partners, local groups and clubs, businesses, volunteers, schools - everyone - to be a part of delivering this plan. By working together, we can achieve the aims set out in this document- from the grassroots, up to the decision makers in government.

This is the high level plan, securing our commitment to working together. It outlines the things we think are most important to getting more people cycling. It doesn't contain all of the detail... this will come later.

Now the final plan has been launched, we are looking for enthusiastic partners who will help to get more people cycling. This includes parents, teachers, leaders, coaches, clubs, those in the tourist industry and many more. Please get involved.

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Key Networks Consultation

Thanks to everyone who took part in our consultation on the proposed Key Cycle Network for Derbyshire. We received more than 400 responses.

All the comments are currently being reviewed and the proposals will be updated where appropriate, to reflect people's views.

The amended proposals will then be considered by Derbyshire County Council's Cabinet later this year and we'll keep you posted on progress.