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Customer Relationship Policy

Striving to excel

Active Derbyshire strives to be a great organisation, delivering high quality services for partners, stakeholders and the residents of Derbyshire.

The core staff team work hard to 'live' the Active Derbyshire values and behaviours. Click for details of our values and behaviours.

In addition to these we have a number of service standards that we aim to meet. In your dealings with members of the core staff team you should expect individuals:

  • to be polite, helpful, open and honest
  • to treat everyone fairly and equally
  • to be clean, tidy and dress appropriately for their job

On the telephone

If you are contacting us by telephone (landline or mobile) you should expect us to:

  • answer your call promptly
  • tell you who you are speaking to
  • try to deal with your enquiry within one working day
  • if necessary, transfer your call effectively to the right person
  • if the team member you want to speak to is unavailable, to hear a current voicemail message providing you with the opportunity to leave a message.

In a letter, fax or email

If you are contacting us by letter, fax or email you should expect us to:

  • reply to letters faxes and emails within 2-3 working days
  • if the team member is unavailable, to receive a current out-of-office message providing details of when the team member will be able to respond and/or provide details of an alternative contact
  • have up-to-date contact details on our email signature.

In a meeting

If you arrange a meeting you should expect us to:

  • be prompt and keep any delays down to a maximum of 10 minutes
  • to greet you on arrival
  • to offer you refreshments

If you wish to make a formal complaint about the standard of our work or the behaviour of a member of the core team, please submit your complaint in writing and it will be investigated following the Active Derbyshire's Complaints Procedure. A copy of this procedure can be found below.