CreateActive- active packs for the community

About the project

In Sinfin Derby, a group of organisations have been working together to better understand the needs of a local community. We were being told by partners across the system that many people living in such communities where higher health inequalities exist, were finding it harder to cope with lockdown.

Feedback from the local community helped identify an immediate need – to provide children with resources to enable them to be more physically active, inspiring movement and creativity.

At the same time, it was about the start of a journey, one with a shared purpose, but with a different way of working aimed at re-establishing trust with traditional partners and introducing new stakeholders to the conversation.

Our shared purpose – to enable children in Sinfin to be more physically active and move more. The journey started with the distribution of 500 CreateActive packs to children in three primary schools.

Making an impact

CreateActive Gallery

The CreateActive gallery showcases entries for the drawing competition we ran alongside the distribution of the CreateActive packs, to encourage children to get creative and draw themselves and friends using the new equipment they had received.

We received some great drawings from the primary schools, including Grampian Primary School, Redwood Primary School and Ashwood Primary School.

Click the link below to explore some of the great entries!

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