Coaching gives Christina sense of achievement

Rewarding experience

Keen table tennis player Christina Wright has found putting something back into the game as a coach to be a rewarding experience.

She coaches an 18-year-old called Jordi who has Spina Bifida, meaning he has no feeling in the right hand side of his body from his knee down.

Tina has taken him under her wing to coach whenever possible and takes him to venues where he gets the opportunity to play against different players that he wouldn't ordinarily.

Now in her 40s, she has been playing table tennis most of her life and plans to compete at veterans' level alongside her coaching commitments.

Meeting new people

"I enjoy playing sport for many reasons, predominantly for the camaraderie, competitiveness and the people I meet," she said.

"When coaching Jordi, seeing him engage with other youngsters brings a sense of well-being and achievement for me.

"It is great seeing players improve and have an interest in a worthwhile activity.

"It's also great for fitness, giving them competition and meeting new friends.

"Some young people can be shy, or don't have a great home life, so this sport is a way for them to experience a different environment."

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