Coach Core comes to Derbyshire

Active Derbyshire has worked with the Royal Foundation (the charitable foundation for the Duke Duchess of Cambridge and Duke and Duchess of Sussex) and Life time Training, to establish a new apprenticeship programme, Coach Core, which helps organisations develop their capacity and ability to reach priority groups and communities using sport and physical activity. Support and funding is available to help organisations employ a young adult.

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What is Coach Core?

Coach Core is an apprenticeship programme targeting 16-24 year olds who are not in education or employment. It delivers an inclusive and impactful sports and activity coaching apprenticeship that develops the talents of young people and provides them with a range of vital skills for employment and life.

Coach Core, created by The Royal Foundation in 2012 as part of the Olympic Legacy, aims to create inspirational sports coaches to deliver sport in the community, particularly in communities that have traditionally had poor access to high quality, professional coaching.

The programme is born from an ambition to create a more exciting sports and activity coaching apprenticeship that reflects the role and the communities in which they serve. Coach Core brings together employer partners in an area so that the programme is shaped around their needs.


  • Specifically recruit young people (aged 16-24) who are not already following a pathway to higher education, training or employment; (NEETs)
  • Increase the employability of those young people by providing them with exciting vocational training and combining an unparalleled offer of additional qualifications, experiences and events locally and nationally;
  • Inspire those young people to engage in sports and activity leadership and reach their potential personally and professionally;
  • Increase the number of qualified leaders and coaches working in their own communities and providing relatable role models;
  • Improve the quality and extend the reach of community sports and activities in some of the UK's most challenging areas;
  • Professionalise the assistant coach/ leader workforce and provide a dynamic, young employee for each business.

Coach Core Derbyshire

The idea to drive forward a Derbyshire Coach Core was born from an identified need through the Towards an Active Derbyshire Strategy. Our research has also shown that the current workforce in Derbyshire is not diverse or representative of the target groups we are trying to reach. So we want to do something about it!

What type of employers are we looking for?

We welcome any type of organisation and business that uses sport and physical activity to develop people and communities and who can support an apprentice to develop. Examples could be community based organisations, businesses, leisure providers, local authorities etc.

Each partner will employ one or more apprentice but will also be able to offer a number of additional opportunities to the other young people in the programme (i.e. volunteering opportunities, training etc). This then creates an enhanced collective education and training offer to the young person not seen previously and also broadens the operations and reputation of the respective employers too.

Education Programme

All apprentices will need to be released from the workplace one day a week, in order to work on the education programme. Coach Core apprentices work towards the Community Activator Coach Level 2 standard, which takes between 14-18 months to complete. Alongside this formal qualification, Coach Core apprentices also complete a number of specific coaching modules, designed to provide a more holistic approach to traditional sports coaching. These additional Coach Core modules are delivered by Create Development and focus on areas such as behaviour management, inclusion and peer coaching.

Potential cost for employers

Estimated cost is circa £5,000, however there may be avenues to find financial support to partially offset this.