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Charlotte decided to be a great role model for her children

With two pre-school children, Charlotte Mather, from Belper, told herself that she was too busy to exercise, but after pushing her double buggy up a hill one too many times she decided that she needed to do something about her lack of fitness – and also set a good example for her children.

The 31-year-old has been attending Booticamp Babes ladies-only fitness classes in Belper and Ripley for the past year or so, and now goes to three or four sessions each week.

Since becoming... more active she feels better about her body and is enjoying clothes and fashion again – which as a keen seamstress is important to her.

She is also glad to be able to set a better example for her kids, and to be able to run round with them more.

Charlotte said: "I'd never really enjoyed exercise before so I'd always make excuses - I haven't got time, I can't justify paying for a gym membership. But really I just didn't enjoy it.

"I live up a very big hill, and one day I was pushing my double buggy up the hill, and I could have been sick when I got to the top. That's not good! And it isn't setting a very good example for my children."

Charlotte still has to juggle childcare to make it to classes, and occasionally has to miss a session if her husband is late home from work or working away, but she is reaping the rewards of being active and hopes that the Ripley Girls Can campaign will encourage others to give it a go too.

She said: "I wouldn't say it's changed my life, but it has, and is continuing to, improve it.

"I have got better at the exercises I'm doing, I can do more sit ups, press ups, plank for longer without having to take a break.

"I think the Ripley Girls Can campaign is great, I follow it on Facebook and love to see how supportive everyone is of each other.

"I would say to anyone who is thinking of getting active, find something you love, with friends that will support you."

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