Local tutor,Martin Mansell, delivered the workshops

Adapted Physical Activity training

The Derbyshire Sport Trust, working in partnership with Derbyshire Sport and MJM Associates, coordinated the delivery of 10 'Adapted Physical Activity' workshops in 2016 which were intended to increase people's awareness of inclusion within the delivery of physical activity.

The workshops were developed through the 'Sporting Chances, Sporting Choices' Sport England project with funding from the Big Lottery. Anyone involved in delivering sport and physical activity who wanted to learn more about inclusion could attend.

A range of learners

A variety of people attended the workshops, 117 in total from 30 different clubs and organisations throughout Derbyshire. Organisations included leisure centres, sports clubs and Community Sports Organisations.

Workshop deliverer, Martin Mansell, believed that this range of learners helped to make an overall impact across the county. He said: "The range of learners enabled us to enhance the knowledge and experience of those already delivering and working within sport and physical activity."

Two workshops were delivered to Age Concern volunteers who support older people in their local community. "I was able to talk to the volunteers about using inclusive sports like Boccia as chair based exercises for the older people that they support," he said. "The issue of increasing someone's mobility was the primary benefit with the game itself becoming a secondary outcome."

University of Derby have a number of clubs working towards being fully inclusive.

Working with the University of Derby’s AU Clubs

Two of the workshops took place at the University of Derby to an audience of AU Sports club members from Dance and Trampolining.

Siobhan Coffey, President of the University of Derby's Dance Club said: "The disability training was greatly received by all members who attended, and, due to the impact it had on these individuals, it has enabled us to ensure we think more about physical disability inclusivity as a whole team.

"It was an important learning curve for all involved and included challenging our pre-conception of inclusive dance. When asked to complete a task in choreographing a piece imagining that we had impairments, we simplified a lot of our movement vocabulary.

"Through great leadership, passion and commitment, Martin directed us to work with what individuals could do, instead of what they couldn't.

"We left with a much clearer understanding of what participating in sport with a disability can be like, and we are now much more confident and equipped to welcome those of all physical abilities into our sessions."

Paralympian Lewis White is from Swadlincote.

Mentoring helping to put things into practice

Following the delivery of the workshops, a mentoring offer was made available whereby learners could contact Martin for additional support and guidance. One of the clubs to access this support was Swadlincote Swimming Club, who Martin visited to observe a training session.

At the session, he was able to speak with the club coaches, as well as one of their swimmers who has a physical impairment. Following the session, Martin observed that the ability of the group of coaches to continue to support their disabled swimmers was very good and that the process of the mentoring was a contributing factor.

On the sustainability of the impact of the workshops, Martin added: "It is important that those people who have attended a workshop are passing on their knowledge and experience around inclusion to others within their club or organisation.

"This will help to ensure that more people are aware of inclusive practice and can therefore contribute to the experience for participants being enhanced."

How you and your club can be more inclusive

Riverside FC are a great example of a fully inclusive sports club.

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