Amber Valley CVS

Workers across Derbyshire are being encouraged to 'Make Every Minute Count' in 2018 by taking part in the next eight-week Derbyshire Workplace Challenge, and among those taking part will be staff from Amber Valley CVS.

A team from the centre for voluntary services took part in the September challenge 'Find Your 10 Minutes', and many of the staff found it helped motivate them to increase their activity levels.

Now they are looking forward to the next challenge and hoping that it will help to give them a boost during the winter when dark nights make it harder to get active.

Hannah Curzon, Volunteer Development Worker at Amber Valley CVS, said: "Taking part in the Workplace Challenge motivated me to buy a watch which counted the number of steps I made each day. This then prompted me to try to be more active by walking the 10 minutes to and from work instead of driving.

"I must admit, the Workplace Challenge motivated me at the time as there was a bit of in-house competition between myself and my colleagues, but after it ended, we stopped inputting our activity on to website.

"I would say I am less active now than I was during the Workplace Challenge but I am hoping for that to change again when the new challenge is launched in the New Year as I will be taking part in it again."

'A fun bonding experience'

Hannah's colleague, Community Organiser Kirsty Barker, also found the challenge motivated her, and says she is able to fit activity into her walking day by parking half a mile from the office and walking the rest of the way, and also trying to walk at least a mile during her lunch break.

Kirsty said: "It has been a fun bonding experience between those that took part at Amber Valley CVS, we were able to chat about our progress and cheer each other on. I have always enjoyed walking anyway but taking part in the challenge encouraged me to walk that little bit longer and that little bit further so that I could bump up my points.

"I was also lucky enough to win the grand prize of a Fitbit which I am really enjoying using, it really helps to encourage me to reach my step goal for the day.

"The workplace challenge helped me to see my progress clearly which I found really useful, and I also particularly liked seeing how much carbon I saved by walking instead of driving."

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