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An existing partnership has been further developed in order to make physical activity and sport a part of the lives of people within the children in care system.

Over the last 10 years there has been an Active Fostering Scheme which gave free access to children in care and their carers to swimming and gym use. In 2018 the County Fostering Service and Active Derbyshire collaborated to review and expand the Scheme based on Insight and Engaging the Market.

What did the review involve?

Active Fostering Workshop in July 19

  • Activity workshop held at Derbyshire Foster Conference to gain insight on physical activity behaviours from carers and social care professionals
  • Insight gained from meeting with Children in Care Focus Group
  • Active Fostering Workshop held with local authority and other activity providers
  • Active Derbyshire engagement in County Care Leavers Working Group

As a result of the above a greater understanding of children in care and carers and the barriers to engaging in activity and the opportunities they want was gained.

What the outcomes have been so far

Three specific outputs have arisen to date from the work:

Locality partners pledged to review the offer to children in care, their carers and care leavers in their area and widen to include private sector providers and outdoor opportunities. – Review and expansion of Offer

Derbyshire County Council, Active Derbyshire and North East Derbyshire District Council to support a care leaver onto the Coach Core Apprentice Scheme, provide wrap around care and monitor. – Employment Opportunity

Active Derbyshire and University of Derby discussing how local care leavers can be supported to higher education.- Review of Support System

An evaluation of the above outputs will consider the impact on the life chances for children in the care system and influence future change to that system.


Through this work, we have developed links with a project team working with looked after children and their carers as part of a wider research project. Their work involved doing extensive research in this area and have kindly shared their reports. The reports are below and are split into a report with insight from looked after children and another report with adults who work with or are carers for looked after children.

Presentations of their work is also listed below to put the reports into context.

How can I get involved?

If you're keen to get involved and help to further develop the offer for children in care and care leavers, please contact us.

Stuart Batchelor

Stuart Batchelor

Strategic Director - Derbyshire

Active Derbyshire

07789 651450

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