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How GymFit and running helped Kat

Kat started running about 3 years ago and now is joined at GymFit. She attends bounce, TRX, spin, and uses the gym most days at GymFit, she also runs outside of the gym when she has time.

Kat's friend initially started running which helped Kat get into running, she also wanted to give something new a try and started running with her friend. Kat is aware of the health benefits which exercise does for her but instead of doing exercise and fitness because of the health benefits, she does it because she enjoys it which then improves the health benefits. Knowing the exercise is doing you good helps you enjoy it more.

Barriers and Benefits

The main barrier for Kat was that she wasn't motivated to do anything, but when she got the motivation to join a fitness group, the sessions were always in the evening which caused her to not see her family much which was another barrier.

The main benefits which Kat now feels from being at GymFit is that she feels a lot fitter, has more energy and because there are classes at GymFit throughout the day she has more time to do things with the family and meet her friends.

"Just come and give it a go, you never know you might enjoy it."